3 Steps To Avoid Opt-outs & Increase Open Rate

This is just a quick note as this weekend I’m going to a training event. (I’m constantly looking for what is working, and trying it in my business. When I find something that holds true to its word, only then will I share it with my group.)


I had a great time at the Monroeville trade show event, “Celebrate Monroeville” last night. I am certainly for celebrating business and the American dream. It was an opportunity to talk with a large number of business owners in a short amount of time. I got to talk with them about what they were doing for marketing.


What was the constant?

Constant Contact with a newsletter every four, six, and even nine weeks. If they’re sending out “pushing” messages, that may be as often as they can get without having their entire list opt out. Anyone who follows me knows I send out messages a lot more often than that. Why don’t I have people dropping out?


Some people are indeed fickle, but markets are not. If you are not actively engaging your market with your email marketing, then you’re using it ineffectively. It’s no wonder why people think email marketing is ineffective. That’s because it is being misused in the same manner that caused people to leave or tune out from every other channel being used to sell to them.


How to avoid opt-outs & increase open rates

So how do you get people to want to get your marketing messages, to the point where they can’t wait until the next one and they open it as soon as they get it?

  1. Give them what they want
  2. Don't make every message selling
  3. Give them just enough that they want more

Just like I did with this post. Have a great weekend!


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