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Writing Content To Create Value

Are you struggling to create content for your website? It’s not that difficult if you keep these two points in mind. Writing Content To Create Value

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Why Your Customers Use Competitors And How To Stop It

I had a client ask me a question about “What happens when a customer goes to somebody else [their competitor]?” This particular client had a customer go to a competitor for services when he didn’t even ask for an estimate. So my client asked me, “Why would somebody do that?” Does that sound familiar? Customer retention […]

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How To Write A Blog Post And What To Do With It

So you have a blog on your website but you’re not quite sure what to write in it or how to use it. This post should answer those questions and have you on your way to creating solid content that converts to paying customers. How To Write A Blog Post And What To Do With […]

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How to Get Ready to Buy Customers Instead of Price Shoppers

get more high paying customers

If you want high value ready to buy customers and you’re tired of getting price shoppers, you need to change the way you approach your market. It’s fine to target classic keywords based on your product/service or industry. Just realize that everybody in your industry (not just your area) is competing for those same keywords. […]

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Adding Images With Impact To Your Posts

Using images anywhere on your website can be expensive. No I don’t mean buying the rights. I’m talking about just going to google and finding a picture that looks good. When copyright violations can cost you as much as $10,000 per instance, buying rights is a real bargain. Adding Images With Impact To Your Posts

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How To Write For Your Customers or Why I Can’t Write For You

Everybody wants a “done for you” solution. It’s very much like weight management. People want to be in shape but the work of changing eating habits and exercising is the point of separation between want and desire. The easy fix is surgery, the done for you method. It’s great. It’s quick, a bit expensive, but […]

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