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How To Write For Your Customers or Why I Can’t Write For You

Everybody wants a “done for you” solution. It’s very much like weight management. People want to be in shape but the work of changing eating habits and exercising is the point of separation between want and desire. The easy fix is surgery, the done for you method. It’s great. It’s quick, a bit expensive, but […]

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What Is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is what you do when you have an article on your site that defines a term or really nails a topic that you’re referring to. It doesn’t make sense to go off track in the current article giving a full explanation but one is really necessary. What do you do? Link the reference […]

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It’s An Affiliate Link. You Got A Problem Wit Dat?


What’s an Affiliate link? An affiliate link is a way that normal people can make money using the internet. That is the shortest possible definition.   I don’t know… Those links look scary An affiliate link may (but not always) look like this: where “abc” is the company and “123” is the affiliate code. […]

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