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Writing Content To Create Value

Are you struggling to create content for your website? It’s not that difficult if you keep these two points in mind. Writing Content To Create Value

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Deleting The Admin Account On WordPress

Alert! If you have an admin account on your wordpress site, you need to delete it NOW. Maybe you have a wordpress installation that was set up some time ago. Whether you built your site or had somebody build your website for you, it’s not important. What is important is that you eliminate the vulnerability […]

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How To Write A Blog Post And What To Do With It

So you have a blog on your website but you’re not quite sure what to write in it or how to use it. This post should answer those questions and have you on your way to creating solid content that converts to paying customers. How To Write A Blog Post And What To Do With […]

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How to Get Ready to Buy Customers Instead of Price Shoppers

get more high paying customers

If you want high value ready to buy customers and you’re tired of getting price shoppers, you need to change the way you approach your market. It’s fine to target classic keywords based on your product/service or industry. Just realize that everybody in your industry (not just your area) is competing for those same keywords. […]

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Adding Images With Impact To Your Posts

Using images anywhere on your website can be expensive. No I don’t mean buying the rights. I’m talking about just going to google and finding a picture that looks good. When copyright violations can cost you as much as $10,000 per instance, buying rights is a real bargain. Adding Images With Impact To Your Posts

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An Early Christmas Gift For All Who Are Marketing Their Business Online

One of the biggest challenges of marketing your business online is generating fresh content. Everything starts with the content posted on your website. As my Christmas gift to you, I’ll let you in on a little secret of getting the best content for your marketing system. What is the easiest way to generate content for […]

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Quick Fixes To Transform Your Website and Force it to Convert into Extra Sales

more sales, more customers, sell more on website

Why is it that some websites consistently bring in sales, day in and day out, 365 days a year, while others just sit there, lost in cyberspace and not earning a single penny? It can be very frustrating for the business owner of a non performing website, particularly if their site has cost them a […]

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Are QR Codes Right For Every Business?

QR codes are everywhere but how well do they work? If you own a business, that question has likely crossed your mind a few times.  The answer depends on who you ask and how they’re being used. Before you run off and get a QR code added to your vehicle decal, signage, table stand, or […]

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Wishing All A Merry Christmas

What is the easiest content you can write for your business site? (I gave you a hint in the title!) Holiday related material is a drop dead simple way to create fresh content that makes sense and your audience will enjoy. Here’s three quick points to keep in mind to generate holiday content painlessly.   […]

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Is Your Website User Hostile?

You always like to think that your website, email messages, text messages, or other online marketing is “user friendly.” But have you gone through your process? That’s all well and good that it’s intuitive to you, you designed it. Have you had others test it out? This is a lesson I thought might be helpful […]

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