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What Is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is what you do when you have an article on your site that defines a term or really nails a topic that you’re referring to. It doesn’t make sense to go off track in the current article giving a full explanation but one is really necessary. What do you do? Link the reference […]

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Do You Believe In Magic Marketing?

There is no magic bullet in marketing for your business. That’s right! I said it and I won’t backpedal a single bit. There’s no single thing that will bring a pack of buyers with cash in hand to your business despite what people might say to the contrary. It takes a number of solutions working […]

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It’s An Affiliate Link. You Got A Problem Wit Dat?


What’s an Affiliate link? An affiliate link is a way that normal people can make money using the internet. That is the shortest possible definition.   I don’t know… Those links look scary An affiliate link may (but not always) look like this: where “abc” is the company and “123” is the affiliate code. […]

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I’m Afraid To Give Away Information For Free

When I tell a client that they should explain the products/services they provide so the customer understands them, I inevitably get this response. This is not uncommon. But think about it. Why are you afraid to “give it away for free” in one medium (internet), but see it as an investment when you’re talking face to face […]

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What Is Pinging And Why Should I Care?

Photo by: Mike Knowles A ping is a notification that tells search engine bots “this site has new content” so they should come see it. The default setting in WordPress pings one pinging service called Ping-o-matic. Ping-o-matic will in turn ping others. You can also add additional pinging services to be notified when new content […]

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Trackback Or “Trickback” A New Breed Of Comment Spam

trackback comment spam

As technologies and techniques evolve, so to do the annoyances. Running a blog can be great fun with the people you meet and learn from. It can also be a tremendous headache when you are dealing with comment spammers.   It’s great when you have a new blog and you see that magic word you’ve […]

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