Do you want to increase sales? Stop Selling!

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increase salesOnline marketing is not as easy as it seems it should be. There’s a whole lot more to it than just sending an email or writing a post for your site or social media. Years of traditional sales and marketing concepts being drummed into your head could make this hard to accept.

This is going to seem counter-intuitive at first glance. That’s because you need to look deeper. As you get further, perhaps you’ll start to see why sales are slumping beyond just the poor economy. The online world is just that, its own world with its own rules. You can choose to ignore those rules at your own peril. Or… you can learn how this world works and come out on top.


Take a walk with me and I’ll show you the sights. I’ll show you where to go and what to not do as well as what to do there.

Don’t sell on social media

This is a lesson that some businesses learn too late. They do (sometimes long lasting) damage to their brand and online reputation.


Why? Because:

  • People don’t like to be sold
  • People hate advertising


Both reasons are why they gather on social media. There was no advertising or what was there was unobtrusive. That’s why Facebook’s attempts to monetize through advertising have largely failed.


Don't sell in your emails

Your biggest obstacle is getting people to open your emails. If your emails are just a means of access to sell to the reader, you’ll find many no opens and unsubscribes when you look at your subscriber data.


Why? You might be thinking “These people want to hear from me right? They signed up for my email list.” Yes and no. They signed up for what you told them you would deliver. If that was prime content that interested them, that is what you need to send. If your idea of prime content is sales messages and theirs is free advice that helps them understand their needs or wants more, you will fail to get anything but no opens and unsubscribes.


You don’t want to take the time and effort to build a list of subscribers who don’t open your messages, do you? Of course not! And what’s the point of getting new subscribers in, only to have nearly, just as many, or more leave your list? Email marketing does have a place in the system. It’s just not what too many make it out to be, a silver bullet. There are no silver bullet solutions or magic solutions.


So if your email is not selling and your articles are not selling either, just where are those increased sales coming from?!


Don't sell in your posts

If people will stop opening your emails when they recognize “It’s just another in an endless line of sales messages,” what makes you think that merely sending them to a sales message on your website will be any different? It will just train them to do the exact opposite of what you want. They will never click through to your site because they’ve seen enough to know what to expect.


Your articles should not be “Glengarry Glen Ross ABC” type copy. Why do you think people prefer buying over the internet? The biggest reason is not because they save time or money in gas or cheaper prices. It’s because they don’t have to deal with a pushy, commission-driven, “ABC” salesperson! If you want to kill your online sales, the surest way is to adopt the Always Be Closing approach.


Right about now you’re probably thinking, “So if you’re not selling on social media, your email is not selling, and your articles aren’t selling either, just where are those increased sales coming from?!”


Just like a headline's job is to get your reader to read the first paragraph, the first paragraph gives an overview that entices the reader to continue onto the next paragraph, and so on. Online marketing has a process. All of the things you’ve probably been told were the answer, had their time in the new sun and now lack that luster on their own. They’ve become common and necessary. They do however work quite well and sustainably as parts of an integrated system.


The process is

  1. Call their name
  2. Capture their information
  3. Confirm that they need or want your product/service
  4. Make the offer
  5. Call to action


The integrated system is comprised of

  • Social media
    • Preferred channel
    • Alternative medium


  • Email marketing
    • Automated follow up messages
    • Feed Broadcast messages of your posts
    • Broadcast messages general


  • Your website
    • Posts
    • Capture pages
    • Sales pages



I go into greater detail on the process that takes visitors to your store, your website, your social media page, your booth at a trade show, etc. from low on the buying scale to right now, ready to buy customers in the premium section below


Premium Content


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tressa knight says

Thanks for outlining the process and system I like how in the premium section, you laid it out in detail. I also like that you’re letting people see the premium section with just a like. 😉

Rob Calhoun says

I’m glad you “liked” it Tressa! Please, if you’re going to post comments here, get a gravatar:
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