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If you're like most of my clients, you probably have an endless line of people saying how they are going to save you money, make you more money, or show you the secret to getting more people to give you money… for a fee.

You might have noticed, I'm different. I let you experience many of my processes yourself so you can see they work before I ask you for a dime. Consistent with that, I'm not going to talk about the money I'll save or get you. In fact, I'm going to give you something more valuable than money. That's right, I said GIVE.

I'm going to give you back your time.  And I don't just mean the time you're taking right now reading this. I'm going to give you back almost half the time you’re using now.

Notice I didn't say wasting time. That's because if you're like me, you spend a lot of time watching videos to learn about various subjects. Whether it's keeping abreast of current events, or Continuing Education in your profession, video training is playing a large part. A long and time consuming part.

Don't get me wrong. You can get so much more from video than you can from static text or images. And in fact, that is why I prefer video. That's also why I found these free tools to be so helpful.

Here's a video speed controller you can add to your chrome browser. It allows you to speed up videos you're watching online, as well as jump forward or back. You can use it to speed up almost all videos online including YouTube videos.

But what if you have videos on your hard drive? There's another tool I use for speeding up video and audio (podcast) files.

Between those two tools I've saved literally days worth of time since I started using them. Now you can do the same. Depending on the speaker and the subject, I run through at a minimum of 1.6 to 2.0 times normal. That means I'll burn through what would otherwise be 5 hours of video in a little under 3 hours. I love it!

A word of caution: Don't fall into the trap of watching more and more videos just because you can! Use that saved time to implement what you've learned and this will truly be a benefit.


Tell me what you think and if this helped you in the comments below.


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Rob Calhoun

Backend Specialist at R. Calhoun IE
+ Rob Calhoun Helps small to medium businesses succeed by building systems for them that help them get new customers, retain customers, and re-energize past customers. Rob helps clients and marketers maximize the return they get from their online marketing efforts.

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Thyrone says

Of course, saving time is more valuable than earing money, I strongly believe. The 2 options you gave for video watchers are awesome.
My suggestion is, please diffrentiate your link words and normal words. It’s looks like both are same and hard to find where is the link is in the paragraph. I think you can at least differentiate with the colour.
ANyway thanks for this awesome post.

Gaurav Kumar says

Time is the money but money is the time also. I believe it is better to invest some money if it can save more time.

Your tips are really helpful to understand the importance of time and use of money. Thank you for sharing it.

james says

that goes without saying that saving time is more valuable than saving money. The fact that many people are after money and forget about time the even lack time for the family all because there are too busy saving money.

Louis Halpern says

Thanks for the link to the video speed controller. Nice post.
I think it’s too easy to be distracted by the amount of content we can consume these days. We need to make a plan, stay focused on where we want to go and concentrate on achieving.

Saeed Jatoi says

I agree to your thoughts money is not everything, If we understand the value of time then we can earn more money then we have right now, great thoughts, Thanks for the speeding up video Tool !

Pankaj Dhawan says

Hey Rob,

This looks awesome actually! I would agree that watching something and learning is far better than reading and YouTube is getting much popular for that. I am gonna add these tools and see how they work.

Thanks for sharing.

Radha Lovely says

Hi Rob Calhoun, the video speed controller you mentioned in this article is really helpful to save time.

Obaid says

Thanks for the good tip, I used to just depend on VLC or GOM player for speeding up videos or sound files… but this extension will help save many hours weekly.

    Rob Calhoun says

    I still use VLC. But the browser based speed controller allows me to just speed up any video without the need to download it first. That process eats a lot of the time saved. I only use VLC to speed up videos I already know I’m keeping/have a copy of.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Writing Content To Create ValueMy Profile

Abigail says

Good & Insightful content on Money Management ! Both Money & Time are equally important in my personal opinion !

Odira Ndubuisi says

Thanks for sharing those tools. They are very helpful.

Mahesh says

Many people do not understand the value of time, they find money can be more valuable than anything else. The two tools you suggested are good as they can help decrease time. We need to be focused and focus can come only with active involvement otherwise it can become torture.

Rich Witt says

Oh yes, you are so right about the time factor. Time seems to be our biggest aspect and sometimes trying new things just takes up time before even actually implementing. It’s a careful balance for sure.

Devin Bisanz says

This is awesome!! I’m downloading it now and can’t wait to gain a few extra hours. Thanks for the tip, I’m excited to read more of your blog.

Lisa Lomas says

I loved your tip on the video watching, (and I have added your handy chrome extension)my kids watch so many videos and I on the other hand find myself so distracted whenever I do. If I can speed up some instructions or learning that will be an amazing time saver as I believe everything you need is out there, you just have to search it with correct terms. So thanks for helping my learning curve.

Ananda says

It is true that sometimes time is precious and money is not everything. Even more so to watch a slow video, would be very boring.
By the way thanks for this very useful post

Adeeb Chemmad says

The money and time are linked to each other. If you have money you can save your time. In the same way, if you have time you can save money.

Shivam Verma says

That was an insightful post. It is appreciative that you pointed out on how to save time rather than always searching for methods to earn money. Time is Money. You save one, you save the other. I will try out these tools provided by you that will help me in my online learning. Thanks for the Post.

Warren D'Souza says

Thanks for the video speed tools Rob! I’m into events and literally spend about half of my time at work watching & listening to media. Having said that I’d like to add something to your post basis my experience of being in business for over a decade. In my experience relationships are as important as either time or money. I’d rather let a deal go than not giving a client the best of services & risk ruining the relationship with them. Similarly, I’ve never fired any of my employees & the fruits of their loyalty can be seen today. So my advice would be to save time & money, but build relationships while you do so!

Christian says

Definitely there is no substitute for hiring a professional.

Thomas says

A very interesting insight! I’ll have to agree with you with your premise here. In addition, it’s also imperative to take one’s time so you won’t experience learning overload. Implementing what you learn (after you learn it) is definitely better than just learning mass amounts of information because there’s something to be said about learning from good ole trial and error.

Jithin Mohan says

Hi Rob, Great post. I agree with your thoughts. The video speed controller you mentioned is worth sharing 🙂

Mehul Kaushik says

So, the title of this post was quite abstract. In fact, I only clicked to see what was in there! But this google chrome extension is very helpful. At first I though that it would only work on youtube, but it can even control speed of Facebook videos (I waste a lot of time there 😛 ). Anyways, Thanks!

William says

Thank you so much for GIVING these helpful tools. I think you are absolutely right about time and money valuations and you even made it clearly. Best wishes for you, Rob.

Jeff Alagar says

Tried to use the chrome extension and I must say I’m loving it for the past few videos I’ve tried watching with it enabled. Worth sharing to say the least.

Christian says

Thanks for sharing those tools. its a very helpful article sir thanks for sharing this information

Ron Pickle says

Thanks Rob for these tools, I will try them whenever I will need but I agree with the importance of time, the work that we do on a regular basis, there is lot of scope to streamline our jobs, save time and accommodate more clients and thus automatically generate more money. So yes if you learn to focus on your time, you end up earning more money than you ever did!

Michelle says

Interesting tools. I didn’t know about them, so thank you very much. And you are right, time is precious and you don’t have to waste it. Your article kept me wanting to read more and more. So, thank you again.

Ron Pickle says

Hi Rob,

Very practical suggestions to save time!

I watch lots of videos, mostly training which are atleast 30 – 45 minutes longer. Never knew that there are tools to make them faster. I thought only solution was to increase my internet speed and thats what I have been doing since the past 2 years!

I am planning to start a vlog in near future, definitely mention these two tools for the benefit of my viewers.

Thanks a lot! I would keep coming back for more such helpful information.

Linh Marry says

Time is money, but we are changing the time to get money, so long as we use the right time to make money is good.
Your posts are very helpful, thank you for sharing!

Geoff Talbot says

For me “time” is always far more valuable because it is finite, I only have a set number of years to live, yet there is an infinite amount of money out there. So money has to help me make the best use of time

Patrick says

Great post, Rob!! I myself am an avid video watcher and I can attest – there’s so much to be learned from this form of multimedia. I fall victim to video binge watching; it can get difficult to stop! It is true, however, that time must also be spent applying what you have learned. Thanks again for this insightful post, Rob!

Trinny says

I also agree that times makes money and also the implementation part is also more important. If we keep gathering information without applying or implementing it then its of no use. Thanks for the great share again.

David says

Love this plug in! Thanks for the tip!

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