Some Days I Question If Owning A Business Is Worth It

Why can’t I just be like the masses? Blissfully ignorant of the benefits of owning a business. Having something you know you did indeed build, nurture, and watch it grow. There are times when it is not so easy to think about the benefits.   What are the Benefits? If you’re new here, you may […]

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More Traffic Does Not Equal More Profits

The logical argument is that the more people who are exposed to your message, the more people you will have buying your product/service. Here in the real world, logic does not always apply.   Why doesn’t more traffic equal more profits? The simple answer is traffic is nothing more than people moving through your website, […]

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Business Communications History Is Being Made

We don’t really notice when history is actually being made. Even though the affects are far reaching and often taken for granted as the “new normal.” Look at the example of the smart phone. We have all but forgotten that it was IBM’s Simon that was the first commercially viable merge of the PDA with […]

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5 Scary Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Don’t Make Your Customers Run For The Hills   Great news….somebody has visited your website.  Hurray!  Perhaps they might buy your product or decide to use your services…but wait…oh NO!  They are leaving again. “What?” you cry, “They only stayed for 5 seconds”.   Yes, they stayed long enough to be appalled by your website […]

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Celebrate Business

This is just a quick note as this weekend I’m going to a training event. (I’m constantly looking for what is working, and trying it in my business. When I find something that holds true to its word, only then will I share it with my group.)   I had a great time at the […]

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A Facebook Fanpage Is Not The Small Business Marketing Silver Bullet It’s Made Out To Be

Don’t get me wrong. A Facebook fanpage is incredibly useful and powerful if it’s understood and used properly.   There has been a lot of hype concerning Facebook, fanpages, and timeline lately that begs to be clarified and put into proper perspective. There are too many people selling services based on Facebook as the new […]

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Traffic Taco Dog

There was a commercial for taco bell in the ’90’s that had a chihuahua trying to capture Godzilla. That’s kind of like how businesses are with Internet traffic. Except it’s good that Internet traffic won’t stomp you flat like a bug. It just squirts through your grasp like water though. But think, What will you […]

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Posting articles regularly – Don’t let your business health lapse

need to exercise

I am finally getting back into my exercise and healthy(er) eating routine. How does this apply to business, and more specifically your business? It’s easy to make excuses and not do the things that we need to do in our personal life and in business. Things like exercise and posting articles are parallels between what […]

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How To Write A Definition Page That Builds You And Your Site

In the last post, I mentioned deep linking and how to develop content. Well here is a prime example. You’ll have terms that really need an in depth explanation for the reader to fully understand what you’re saying. After all, what kind of educating would it be if you assumed that critical knowledge was already […]

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How To Write For Your Customers or Why I Can’t Write For You

Everybody wants a “done for you” solution. It’s very much like weight management. People want to be in shape but the work of changing eating habits and exercising is the point of separation between want and desire. The easy fix is surgery, the done for you method. It’s great. It’s quick, a bit expensive, but […]

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