Repeat Customers; What Makes Them Come Back?

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repeat customersWhat’s the key to survival in the world of small business?

Before I answer that I need to know, do you just want to survive or thrive?
The key to surviving is having more people come to your business to buy your product/service.


The key to thriving is having:

  •  more repeat customers
  •  spending more money
  •  telling other people about you

Today's focus is on getting more repeat customers. What makes people want to buy from you again and again? Here's five points you want to know if you want more customers to buy more than once.

  1. They feel appreciated – simply saying “Thank You” to them is one way to make your customers feel special. It’s a no-brainer for companies to thank their customers after buying something. It’s not just good manners, it's proper business practice.
    This is a very effective way to show how much you appreciate them.
  2. They received prompt service from you – even if a customer raises a complaint, your company can shine based on how you handle that complaint. There’s nothing more disappointing than hearing that customer is unhappy with your product or service.
    However, if you take steps to correct the problem right away, the customer will likely do business with you again.
  3. They find tremendous value in your product or service – when your customers are happy with your products and services, they’re more likely to come back to your establishment – it’s as simple as that. Why keep shopping around when they can get just what they need and/or want from you?

These are some of the common reasons customers will return to your company to do more business.

On the flip side, why do some customers choose NOT to come back?

There are many reasons customers will do future business with one of your competitors instead of coming back to you… Are you aware of potential problems with your company that will cause some of your customers to stray?

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Rob Calhoun

Backend Specialist at R. Calhoun IE
+ Rob Calhoun Helps small to medium businesses succeed by building systems for them that help them get new customers, retain customers, and re-energize past customers. Rob helps clients and marketers maximize the return they get from their online marketing efforts.

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remi says


Thanks for the post. I do have a small coffee shop.
What works well is to use fidelity cards.
After the 10th purchase; customer gets a free product for instance.
Using social media like facebook is very effective.
I try to wish a happy birthday to all my clients who are fans of my facebook page.

    Rob Calhoun says


    Loyalty cards are a good tool. You said you “try” to wish a happy birthday to all of your customers who are fans on facebook. What keeps you from succeeding with all of them?

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