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Sharing on Facebook: How to make your posts priority

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get more people to see posts without adsHere's a question one of my Facebook friends asked recently. I thought you might find it interesting or have something to add.

“When we share something on FB, if we share it on our timeline does it also go to our friends as well or if we want something on both, do we need to post it on each?”

Whether you've been marketing on Facebook for a while or are brand new, the one thing that comes up most often is “How can I get more people to see my Facebook posts without advertising?” It's important to know how the system works to use it to your advantage.


You need to post to your page first. Then share to your profile. That way you can track how much engagement the post gets and measure the success of your efforts. Facebook's insights show all of the engagement your post gets, including on shares.

All of your friends do NOT see your posts

It depends on how engaged you are with the friends you want to see your content AND how engaged they are with you.

Posting on your wall will alert the people who are following you and show up in their newsfeed.

The people who interact with you will have it in their feed, but the priority is proportional to how much you interact with each other.

Interact with Facebook Friends

That's what Facebook wants. It's as simple as going to their wall and finding something you can click a reaction to. To increase the weight of this interaction in Facebook's view, leave a comment as well. Make it a task to interact with 5 Facebook friends per day. You will begin to see their posts in your feed and they will start to see yours as well.

Engagement boosts priority

Other factors that drive the visibility of your posts are interactions with that post. So if people like, share, or comment on that post, it will be given more weight and show higher in their feed.
tagging people in facebook

Tagging people on Facebook

Tagging is when you begin typing the name of a friend and click on their name from the popup list of suggestions. It's a way to make sure certain people see that post. Just be absolutely certain it's content they want to see and will likely comment on.


Tagging should be used sparingly. Use it when it:

  • Is directly relevant to that person
  • Is not likely to be embarrassing to them
  • Is clear why you are tagging them
  • Includes a call to action to add their thoughts

Use tagging to start a conversation and ensure you have “engagement” with them in Facebook's view. Getting engagement will ensure your posts are seen by them in the future and help your posts get more traction now.

#HashTags on Facebook

Using hashtags helps to get your posts exposure and more opportunity for likes, comments, and shares. It allows you to place your content where people who are interested in it are actually looking. Because of that, you cannot just make up hashtags and expect it to help.

Do a little research

Figure out what other people are tagging content with that is relevant to the topic of your content. The easiest way is to use the search bar in Facebook.

Think of keywords or key phrases you might (or did) use for your post. Add a hash symbol “#” and remove the spaces. Now you have a tag you can search to see if it's popular enough to help your post.
research hashtags using fb search

How popular is it?

You want to find a tag that has many people using it. If you can count on one hand the number of people using that hashtag, it's not a good choice for exposure.

Look at the dates next

If you're seeing posts from a while ago, that's not necessarily a bad thing. When you look at the like, comment, and share counts, you'll see what I meant about gaining priority. Despite these posts being years old in some cases, they are on top because people found them interesting enough to act on them.

Once you find a tag that is popular, add it to you post.  Limit your hashtags to one or two max. If you find more, that's great. Save them for another post or use them if you repost this in the future.

If you want to learn more about using hashtags on facebook, here is a beginner's guide that goes a little more in depth.

Add a Call To Action (CTA)

This is something you can't take for granted. If you want people to act (engage with your posts) and they're not, tell them what you want them to do. Don't just add a headline or summary. Ask them for their thoughts. It can be as simple as writing Your thoughts? Whether they give their thoughts in written form or use the reactions doesn't really matter. It counts as engagement.

But if they give a written response, be sure to give a reply. You don't want to just say thanks or a short generic response. Add what you think about what they said. That not only adds to the comment count, but it increases the likelihood of more engangement to the followups.

Oh yeah, this should go without saying but it's worth a reminder. Be real and add value to the conversation. If you want people to see and interact with your posts, be real, be you, and be helpful.

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Travis Knoll says

I’ve been analyzing my facebook’s page performance very closely and the key to getting posts shown to more people has been dependent on how many clicks a post has been getting. I know this because I’ve been posting Instagram pictures onto my facebook page. Those receive 50+ likes and 15 “clicks” but they are only shown to 1k people or fewer.

    Rob Calhoun says

    Hi Travis, Thanks for stopping by.

    I think you’re right on the clicks having more weight. It’s probably an effort to combat “Like/Share/Comment” posts that have no value other than trying to boost reach.

    The point is to get human interaction with your posts. That engagement (in any form) will help to get more exposure for your posts.

    Don’t hang your hat on any one point of engagement though. If Facebook sees it being gamed, they’ll drop the weight on that and shift it elsewhere.

    BTW, you should get a gravatar. It’s free.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Waitress Executed By Business Owner For Lousy ServiceMy Profile

Mahesh says

So ultimately the trick is to be engaged on Facebook for any post to perform better. I actually was thinking why has my engagement reduced? This might be the reason. You have summed the points very well. Finding the most relevant and popular hashtag trick is also very useful. I will try tagging influencers in my niche to get some attention. Thanks for the ideas.

John Sampa says

Hi Rob,

Excelllent post. I really liked the way you have summed up sharing on Facebook and Improving methods to interact with others. I would like to add in this post that if you can interact people in groups and help them out then it can improve visibility and your importance as well. If you help in proper groups which is not spam, it will help others to know your worth and they will follow you on facebook and that’s how you can increase your worth.

Thanks a lot for this awesome post.

    Rob Calhoun says

    Good point about groups. Just be sure to give before you expect to gain. I moderate a couple of Facebook groups and I’ve seen plenty of people come in and try to poach people by sending out friend requests to as many people as they can in the group. That’s another form of spam.

    First, find topics you can add to and answer people’s questions. You should only send out friend requests to people who you’ve helped by answering their questions. By doing so, you’ll have built goodwill with them and they’ll feel obligated to accept. That’s how you build a following of people who actively look for and engage with your posts.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Writing Content To Create ValueMy Profile

Vikas Kumar says

Hi Rob,

Here I learned new thing about using hashtag . I didn’t try hashtag research before reading this post.

I used direct hashtag in Facebook post without knowing the popularity of that hashtag.


Jatin Ladda says

Thanx for the article but I have a facebook page for one of my blogs with around 32000 followers on that page. The problem is when ever I share post on that page, the post does not reach too many of my followers… My post reach is only around 4%??

    Rob Calhoun says

    That’s due to Facebook’s algorithm that drives you to need paid ads to reach the audience you built. I’m not sure about your particular circumstance, but paying for likes whether through services or Facebook itself can harm your ability to reach more of your audience. The less engaged your audience is, the less Facebook will serve your content organically. The reasoning is, with so much content on Facebook, why would they give more weight to something that people aren’t finding value in?
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Waitress Executed By Business Owner For Lousy ServiceMy Profile

Dhruv Mangukia says

hey rob,
i am on fb since last 5-6 years. i promote my brand and blog on fb since almost a year. i almost felt that i know every trick under the hat that is possible with fb. you just proved me wrong. keep up the good work.

Lucia says

Thanks so much for clarifying this. I always wondered whether it was better to post on my page or profile first. Now I know and will follow this approach. And, yes, it’s amazing when you have engagement on a post and then it just grows and grows and grows. The comments make a huge difference and I think the emoticons do, too. I just saw this on a personal post I wrote a few weeks ago that probably had 100+ comments.

Gary Earley says

Very helpful and Great information for fb marketing…

Ananda says

Is there any limit for us to share post to social media like facebook? And if sharing on facebook too often is not considered SPAM? Many people who think if share to social media just one time only? Is it true?

    Rob Calhoun says

    Ananda, You shouldn’t keep just promoting the same post over and over again. Make sure there are some posts in between before you share that same post again.

    If I have a post that is new, I’ll share it more often. But the idea of a post being spam because of frequency never really crossed my mind because the content I write most certainly is not.

    If you’re not getting traction, you can add the headline “Did you see this? What are your thoughts?”
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Why Your Customers Use Competitors And How To Stop ItMy Profile

Umesh says

It’s very informative for me because I too manage a page on facebook but engagements are very low. It looks like this is what I have missed.

Thank you, Mr. Rob Calhoun
God bless you

Gaurav Heera says

Great information Social media is the best way to promote our products and services.

Antonia says


What is your opinion, is Facebook really that important anymore? I have the feeling, that you can push your business on Instagram much more these days.

Kind regards


    Rob Calhoun says

    I don’t really do anything with Instagram (owned by Facebook) or Pinterest since my target market isn’t really there. Granted, those paltforms are newer and still learning. But just like Google and Facebook, they will reign in the excitement when they begin to monetize and impose more restrictions.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Why Your Customers Use Competitors And How To Stop ItMy Profile

Wallace says

Very good article Rob! The CTA button is definitely something many people take for granted. I have even seen web pages that have no clear call to action on their contact us page! Thanks again for the post, and enjoy your day!

Prabhat Jani says

Nowaday facebook is updating their features. If we are active with our friends then they will see our posts.

And i have seen that those people who never reacted on our timeline, they will never see our status.

Thanks for writing such a great piece of content.

Is there any tutorial for fb ads ?

Rahul Sharma says

When I post my website link on my facebook page, it gets less reach as compare to a image or a video post. Why???

    Rob Calhoun says


    People are visual. They can get more “information” from quickly scanning an image than text as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. The adage “A picture is worth 1000 words” did not catch on for nothing. Images are powerful in getting attention and helping to convey your message. Images make people feel and understand.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Why Saying “Call Me” Doesn’t WorkMy Profile

Johny says

Hi Rob, It is totally new thing for me that hashtags also works in Facebook, i am going to use them in my upcoming posts to see amazing search results. Thanks mate

jackij says

in the event that they supply a written response, make certain to provide a respond. You don’t want to just say thanks or a brief familiar reaction. upload what you think about what they said.

Hoka says

Nowadays if you have no presence in Facebook, you have nothing

David says

I’m always worried about when a person in your family is the first person to like a post. If my Mom likes a post first, then Facebook funnels that post JUST to my other family members. Annoying…

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