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Posting articles regularly – Don’t let your business health lapse

need to exercise

I am finally getting back into my exercise and healthy(er) eating routine. How does this apply to business, and more specifically your business? It’s easy to make excuses and not do the things that we need to do in our personal life and in business. Things like exercise and posting articles are parallels between what […]

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How To Write A Definition Page That Builds You And Your Site

In the last post, I mentioned deep linking and how to develop content. Well here is a prime example. You’ll have terms that really need an in depth explanation for the reader to fully understand what you’re saying. After all, what kind of educating would it be if you assumed that critical knowledge was already […]

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How To Write For Your Customers or Why I Can’t Write For You

Everybody wants a “done for you” solution. It’s very much like weight management. People want to be in shape but the work of changing eating habits and exercising is the point of separation between want and desire. The easy fix is surgery, the done for you method. It’s great. It’s quick, a bit expensive, but […]

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