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What Is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is what you do when you have an article on your site that defines a term or really nails a topic that you’re referring to. It doesn’t make sense to go off track in the current article giving a full explanation but one is really necessary. What do you do? Link the reference […]

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I don’t particularly like not leading by example so in this case I have to make clear why I am doing what I warn other business owners not to do. Specifically I am talking about being political or using controversial subjects in my business writing. You can do this but have no illusions, you will […]

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How can Betty White and Robert De Niro help you develop better content?

I got this question in my inbox from a subscriber replying to an email I sent out. “How do I develop better (read: effective) content?” I could have answered her question like most businesses do, hit reply and give the answer in a one-time email to one person. But that’s not what I teach. I […]

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