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Why Would You Want To Join Your Mailing List?

FOR A MOMENT I want you to forget about the customer. I know that’s a heretical statement but bear with me. What do YOU do with the mass mailed advertising YOU receive? Do you eagerly run into your house from the mailbox with a stack of flyers, postcards, and letters addressed to you “or current […]

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Dynamic Site And Your Sales Funnel, A Dynamic Duo

There are times when you can’t adequately explain in depth and detail everything that the prospect wants to know. That can be your location, a trade show, or just a chance meeting. If they are at your location, you can feel around to find if they are right now buyers. If they are anything but, […]

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More Traffic Does Not Equal More Profits

The logical argument is that the more people who are exposed to your message, the more people you will have buying your product/service. Here in the real world, logic does not always apply.   Why doesn’t more traffic equal more profits? The simple answer is traffic is nothing more than people moving through your website, […]

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