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Targeting Your Market Instead Of Your Foot

I was at a doctor’s office and I couldn’t help but notice the stack of mail on the counter. On top was a direct mail marketing piece (AKA junk mail) addressed to Dr. Soandso “Or Current Resident.” Too many businesses are so overly concerned with missing an “opportunity” to capture a new client that they […]

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Why Businesses Don’t “Get” Email Marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard or perhaps even said “Email marketing isn’t what it used to be…” Businesses will try technology (Often on the cheap) and say “It doesn’t work for us” making up some lame excuse how they tried it blah, blah, blah. Is it any wonder when you cut all the corners that you’re […]

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How Do I Know My Offline Business Needs To Be Online?

This is a quick list of three points to take a close look at to determine if your business should have an online presence.   1.      Your customers ask you if you have a website The customer is the lifeblood of your business. No customer, no business. I know that’s business 101 but if you’re […]

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