Waitress Executed By Business Owner For Lousy Service

A little known archaic law in Allegheny county allows business owners to execute (by method of their choosing) employees who harm their business. It seems one waitress has been the reason why the restaurant has been getting bad reviews (20 so far!) on various sites. Since a 1-star increase in a businesses’ Yelp review can result in a a 5-9% increase in revenue, we're talking about some serious money that waitress is costing the business.

The restaurant owner was quoted, “There's a good reason that law hasn't been taken off the books. A bad server is more easily replaced than a good customer.” His explanation that followed actually makes sense.

“That may sound heartless but it's true. A good customer comes back to a business again and again. A bad server will keep good customers from coming back. You can't just let that go unchecked.”

When you combine that with people tending to be non-confrontational and preferring a passive aggressive approach of just posting a bad review on the internet, you as a business owner might not find out for months just how much damage a bad server is actually doing to your business.

You may not find out for months the damage a bad employee is doing to your revenue. via @rob_calhoun

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So how do you know if you have a bad server before people just stop showing up or you happen to find bad reviews of your business on some obscure (to you) website? You hand customers an outlet for their anger that gets them immediate action.

Since you can't just execute bad employees, here's a great alternative. Enter Review Director. Review Director puts the power in the hands of the customer and holds your staff accountable for their service. After every purchase, your customer is encouraged to rate your business. Then they're asked to leave their honest review.

Great and good reviews go  where they're needed most to boost your rating. That shows your business that way it really is. Bad reviews are sent directly to both the business owner and the manager's inbox.
That way the problem can be addressed immediately and even problems with the management (you thought was doing good) can't be swept under the rug.

Click the button below to learn more about how Review Director can help save your business and your sanity in a crazy world.

Review Director
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Rob Calhoun

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+ Rob Calhoun Helps small to medium businesses succeed by building systems for them that help them get new customers, retain customers, and re-energize past customers. Rob helps clients and marketers maximize the return they get from their online marketing efforts.

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Cam Green says

Hey Rob,

Another great article,
I agree that it is very important for a business owner to know exactly what the customer thinks of their service and monitor the affect their employees have on the business. With execution as a means of dismissal for bad services, it maybe hard to find employees, but the ones you get will definitely do a great job! haha!
Cam Green recently posted..Core Offer – Are You Optimizing Yours For Maximum R.O.I?My Profile

Himanshu Rawat says

Hey Rob,
thanks for a great post its always something valuable new in your post as i have a blog on gadgets and to know about some business tip is great thanku once again

promil pandey says

Well i am not into the same field, but its always good to learn something new. I really like your post and now i know how important it is. One day i was sitting in a restaurant and waited for 45 minutes just for the soup. And when it came, it was one of the worst soup ever. I spared some time instantly and wrote a lengthy bad review while sitting in the restaurant. I was completely pissed off.

well thanks a lot

    Rob Calhoun says


    Your experience shows exactly how this plays out. Customers don’t want to burn the time or energy in a confrontation with the manager. They’d rather skip the “He said, She said” with a huffy, defensive waitress and a manager. It’s easier to just strike back online and maybe score some “funny votes” in the process.

    So what happens, is the waitress, manager, and owner have no idea you had a bad experience until it’s too late to do anything to correct it.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Sharing on Facebook: How to make your posts priorityMy Profile

Anthony says

Wow, that is great. I have had some really poor experience with servers. It seems to me if you don’t like your job… just go. Find another job. If you can’t then buck up and get with the program. It makes sense bad reviews can ruin your business, so why would keep a cancerous employee if you know how they are treating your consumers. I like the idea of the review director. How do you get your customers to go to the director over Yelp and the like?

    Rob Calhoun says

    Anthony, Review Director is like an off ramp before they get to Yelp or other review sites. In a restaurant for example, you place placards at tables and the cash register with the call to action & link. That is for the people who will post before they leave the table. But to get the majority to act, you give EVERY customer a card with the call to action & link.

    The system determines what kind of review they would leave and where it should be sent. You can click to learn more about Review Director.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..3 Ways To Start Your Online ReputationMy Profile

Drake T. says

Customer service is highly important for any business, whether it’s a small cafe or a large services company. Not that I own a cafe or a services company, but I understand the importance of good customer service. If I had to wait hours for something that doesn’t actually takes that long, or if the service is often bad, it’s obvious I’ll get irritated. Tools like Review Director are extremely useful in such cases. It benefits both the customer as well as the business.

    Rob Calhoun says

    Exactly Drake. But don’t discount yourself. The customer perspective is really what business owners need to go by rather than their own idea of what the customer should do or only what they themselves would do despite the overwhelming evidence their customers act differently.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..Why Your Customers Use Competitors And How To Stop ItMy Profile

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