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Writing Content To Create Value

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write-content-create-valueAre you struggling to create content for your website? It's not that difficult if you keep these two points in mind.

In Order for an article to have value and be effective, it must:

1. Teach about a subject people want to know about that you have a comfortable knowledge of.

2. Have an immediately actionable portion as part of the lesson.

Think about it if you are searching for information on a subject and find something you can implement now, would you come back for more or subscribe to the feed? Of course. Now take that same idea and put the actionable part as something that cannot be immediately set in motion or has parts missing that the author releases by drips and drops over time. Would you see value in sticking around?

Sometimes people can be trained to anticipate something good when the bell rings like Pavlov's dog. Even Pavlov realized that after a while of just ringing the bell without food, the dog would stop reacting. Your audience is the same way. If you don't deliver enough times, you'll lose them.

Does Actionable necessarily mean DIY?

A number of my clients are service providers. They don't really want to tell people how to do the services they perform themselves. Actually, I too am a service provider. But I understand that there is a group out there that will always want to DIY (Do It Yourself). Just like there is a group that will never want to DIY.

It's when you give enough information that someone could do it themselves, that you gain access to a critical segment of the marketplace. The people who might try to DIY but learn that it is actually harder than they thought. They learn that it takes experience to get the results they wanted. And it's not just the services they're paying for, but the experience of the person providing them.

Actionable should include a Call To Action (CTA). That brings them to you to get the service performed. A CTA can be as simple as a link to a form or Buy Page. And it can be a button if you want to make it stand out and a bit more clear what to do.


The actionable part of today's lesson:

Step 1

Determine what subject you have enough knowledge to comfortably teach. This should be a subject you've studied, practiced, done well, and enjoyed. But it has to be of interest to your audience.


Step 2

Think about what you had problems getting past and what you did to overcome them.


Step 3

The subject becomes the category or if it is that broad, the theme of the blog. Then there are parts of the subject that bear explanation.


The problem becomes the topic of that particular article. You'll first explain the problem. Then you'll write about what causes the problem. Make sure to include all causes by at least touching on or mentioning them. That way you avoid having people thinking you don't fully know what you're talking about. Once you've outlined the problem, you explain how you (and now they) get past the problem.

Bonus Tip

Make sure you have a Call To Action (CTA). It should lead to an offer that fits with the topic of your post. Your post itself is not selling or salesy, it's informative. Your CTA is not pitchy, but is direct and to the point. Make sure you tie your CTA with your content so it's a natural next step to solving the problem your reader came for.

The CTA should be something like “Do you want X? Click here (or fill out this form if you have a form on the page).” You need to give them clear definition of what to expect and how to get it.

If you help people solve their problems you'll have no shortage of people waiting eagerly when you ring the bell. It's up to you and the quality of what you deliver if they continue to return.

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Levi Schiff says

I agree. There needs to be material the reader can take action on in order for the post to truly be useful.

Joan J. Carrigan says

Great Post Indeed!

These days, with so such of competition around, writing epic content is crucial. But it is sad to see, that most of the people are still not focusing on this most important factor.

As far as I know, catchy headline with problem solving content, can reach huge audience very quickly and can attract good quality Backlinks.

So, we really should focus on content.

Annette Gallant says

Great content always pay off in terms of traffic. It is obvious we all know content is king nowadays Most of us come on the internet for 2 things: information or communication. Now the conclusion is this we have to ensure our content is satisfying visitors’ needs or solving their problem. It should be our main objective to produce quality content with interactive digital media yet simplify our points for easy understanding.
Thanks for this awesome article. I will follow these tips.

Gary Campbell says

Writing article is my main problem.. I am not good at english and I have registered 3 niche domain without thinking about article writting ,Now I understand it’s not possible to run a blog without writing cool reader friendly article.. I have learned many things from this post.. Thanks for sharing these tips and please post more about article writing..

    Rob Calhoun says

    Writing is a necessity if you want to attract people to your offers. They are not going to sites that only have items for sale unless they know the site has what they want and their intent is specifically to buy. That doesn’t help you get discovered now does it?

    That’s where writing comes in. If you can’t (or don’t want to) do it, you will need to find someone capable. Since your site is not branded to a specific person, you can seek and find people in related niches to guest post.

    As far as more posts on article writing, here’s some resources on my site:
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..3 Ways To Start Your Online ReputationMy Profile

Graham Watts says

Great article Rob,
So many people talk about the importance of writing content, whilst very few mention that there is a huge difference between content and value. It’s creates a difference in quality and a difference in results.

Content marketing articles urge you to write every day, and the more you write the more you get. The more you get, the more you write. Who do I blame for this? The SEO industry.

    Rob Calhoun says

    The SEO goto solution to be heard through the noise? Make more noise! Exactly.

    It’s when what you have to say is actually helping people you’re trying to reach, that you will start reaching them. People don’t read through junk written to please the search engines. And the search engines are getting sophisticated enough to recognize when people find value in what they’re reading.

    Thanks Graham for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Rob Calhoun recently posted..3 Ways To Start Your Online ReputationMy Profile

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