Business Communications History Is Being Made

We don't really notice when history is actually being made. Even though the affects are far reaching and often taken for granted as the “new normal.” Look at the example of the smart phone. We have all but forgotten that it was IBM's Simon that was the first commercially viable merge of the PDA with a phone.

Now we see the next merge of devices that businesses find an ever growing number of uses for. The smart phone and tablet are becoming increasingly prevalent in business. So much so, that they create a redundancy that begs for a combination without compromise between the two.

Susan Fourtané recently wrote about this in Enterprise Efficiency.

Is the need really there?

Solopreneurs, small to medium businesses, and enterprises have all adopted the smart phone to get them to job sites, document needs and progress of a job, all while staying in full contact with the home office. These same people also find that the tablet can do much of this work with a screen that is larger and easier to work on. They don't necessarily want to carry both but need to because there isn't quite the bridge for the gap that truly fills all needs well, not just acceptably.


Will they get it right?

This is the beginning of the concept and we'll have to see what the offerings are and what the response is. There's enough to have me curious. I like gadgets but I want them to make my life easier, not more complex. Looking at where they're going right now, I'm not happy. The initial idea is to make the device a compromise in size between the phone and tablet. I'd rather see the tablet to size an iPad is now with the phone integrated. That would give them the room to work at installing additional hardware and the user would have the screen size that makes the tablet preferable.


Putting a tablet up to your ear?

Don't be ridiculous. Bluetooth technology means that even an actual phone doesn't need to be placed to your ear. Why would you need to with a tablet? Whether the earpiece is normally worn or kept in pocket, it would make even a full sized tablet easily manageable as a phone as well.


What do you think?

Would you personally have a use for such a hybrid device? If yes, why? If no, why not?

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