It’s An Affiliate Link. You Got A Problem Wit Dat?

What's an Affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a way that normal people can make money using the internet. That is the shortest possible definition.


I don't know… Those links look scary

An affiliate link may (but not always) look like this: where “abc” is the company and “123” is the affiliate code. This link does not do anything bad to your computer or take you anywhere other than to the page with the details and purchase button for the product or service that what you read earlier got you interested in.


It should always be assumed that anything you read about a product/service on any website has some monetary tie to that product/service. There is nothing wrong with benefiting from the efforts put forth in writing about a product/service that in some way helps others. Those efforts often save the reader time, money and end needless suffering from the problem the discussed product/service is a solution to.

 Do you recommend what's right for me or your wallet?

My livelihood is built on my reputation. My reputation is built on trust. That trust only comes from me recommending products or services that I use myself or what I believe others could use based on the benefits a given product or service provides. I sometimes link to products or services that pay me a commission as well as some products/services that don't.


My recommendations should always be followed up with your own investigation as to whether the product or service fits your unique needs, expectations, and budget.


Your purchasing through my links is a way you can compensate me for my time invested in researching the products/services, breaking down further how they relate to you, and more importantly what those products/services can do for you.


Yeah, but I'll save money if I go directly to the company… Right?

Short answer: NO. It does not cost you any more to buy through affiliate links, in fact it can save you money. Whether I mention it or not, there are often discounts that you can only get by using an affiliate link. There are even instances where you only get the discount through my link. Again, I may not always mention that.


The bottom line:

If you like what I do for you and want me to continue providing you with quality information, products, and services from all sources I find worthy of my reputation, please – just click through the link!

To read far more into the subject than most people care to, check out our FTC disclaimer page.

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