Posting articles regularly – Don’t let your business health lapse

I am finally getting back into my exercise and healthy(er) eating routine. How does this apply to business, and more specifically your business? It’s easy to make excuses and not do the things that we need to do in our personal life and in business. Things like exercise and posting articles are parallels between what it takes to maintain and improve the health or your body and your business.

I had let my exercise, eating, and sleep routines slip. Consequently, I have gotten out of shape. This is not rocket science, just simple cause and effect. The opposite is true though. If I get back to those routines and don’t let them slip, I will get back into shape.


Businesses need strengthening and toning

to build up their customer base with knowledgeable customers who buy your product or service based on more than just price. Customers who are there because of your people, and approach to your field cannot be easily wooed away. Those are the ones who will come back to your business again and again while recommending others go to you as well.


How do you get them to listen long enough

or even get their attention over the noise that is out there? Get them alone where it’s just you and them. In reality, it’s just your message and them. If you would spend personal, face to face time with every potential customer… You’d be where you are now, wasting too much time with the wrong people and getting discouraged.


Get people alone with your message

by putting it in front of them when they are alone, just you and them. People are nearly always by themselves when surfing the internet. And when they are surfing, they are looking for information that interests them. Having your message where they can find it is the first step. That means the first place many people will be exposed to your message and business is your website.


Put the odds in your favor

that people will come across your information by creating lots of it. The more lines you have in the water, the more fish you’ll catch. That’s where the routine comes in. The benefit is clear. But like diet and exercise, the benefit is not immediate so people become quickly discouraged and quit. That’s why you can see so many businesses with a blog that was started strong, had a couple good entries, and abandoned for years. It just becomes an excuse, “We tried that, it didn’t work.” Yeah, just like diet and exercise don’t work… Unless you consistently follow through.


What’s the difference

between a diet and exercise routine and a writing routine for your business? You can spread the work over multiple people in your organization to lessen the burden. Even better, you can automate the routine part. Too bad there’s not a way to do that with diet and exercise! ;^)


By having more than one person writing, you can get reflections and reactions to that piece from different people giving different perspectives. Your readers can find the person who they most relate to, who they can get to know and like. The reader has a greater opportunity to find that person with a group of contributors.


The automation capabilities

of the website allow you to get many posts written and then set them up to publish on a schedule. That’s where the consistency that builds trust comes from. Using an autoresponder for email marketing with your messages works in a similar fashion but has other advantages. I’ll have more on that in the near future.


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Setting up your writing staff:

You can have departments with a person or people who specialize in that area or have a group of people writing on the general subjects. It depends on how your business is structured. Having people you can place as experts, builds the business’ credibility in the eyes of the reader. That’s a crucial step in winning the reader as a devoted customer.

Have your contributors coordinate

by having them read each other’s posts. This gives them an idea of what is coming out and they can write a follow up to somebody else’s post. Keep in mind that each post should not necessarily be an exhaustive research piece. If a post is growing too big, it can be broken down into bite-sized chunks. You’ll come up with a norm for post length. Some go longer, some go shorter, but the average is 500 words.

You can leave room for follow up

in comments, and additional posts. Getting your readers to engage in comments is a part of this strategy. It shows and builds interest. Plus the comments themselves are unique bits of content that can bring the search engines back to your website with new visitors.

Each post should have purpose

and lead to the next post. There may not necessarily be a natural tie in between posts at first, find or make one. There needs to be a logical reason for the reader to move in progression to your call to action. Each new action should have slightly more commitment than the last. Ultimately, these actions should lead to the goal – the sale.

Once the posts have been written

and sequenced, it is time to schedule. That is as simple as making sure you have the content laid out in sequence, entering it in as a new post, making sure the post is tagged and categorized properly, and setting the publish date by clicking edit.

Ideally you want to get to the point where you are over-delivering on what the reader expects. That will take some time. In the beginning you want to concentrate on building those muscles before they’re able to perform effortlessly. Your staff will feel their groove and get to know there audience better.

Here is where you will find what customers and prospects really think and do outside of the controlled environment of your business. It will take a little bit for the seasoned salesperson to adjust. Once they get their feet wet, they’ll be swimming for medals!



Rob gets you achieving results! No doubt about it!

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Rob gets you achieving results! No doubt about it!

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    I landed upon your article”Posting articles regularly – Don’t let your business health lapse”from google, Actually i am doing a research work on”Article Managment”,found your article useful for my research work. Actually i was looking for more related articles on your blog but unfortunately didnt find anymore of it.Hope read more related articles in coming days…I will keep following your blog till then


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      What exactly are you looking for in article management? Setting up writing staff, writing articles, posting articles, automating the posting of articles? Those points are all addressed in the premium section of this article.

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