Targeting Your Market Instead Of Your Foot

I was at a doctor’s office and I couldn’t help but notice the stack of mail on the counter. On top was a direct mail marketing piece (AKA junk mail) addressed to Dr. Soandso “Or Current Resident.” Too many businesses are so overly concerned with missing an “opportunity” to capture a new client that they have no qualms about alienating their current customers. How do you think Dr. Soandso feels getting a sales letter that the company doesn’t care who opens it but desperately wants somebody to? You’ve surely received one (or a few thousand) of these impersonal letters wanting you to personally pony up to buy their stuff. How does that make YOU feel?

Make your customers feel special

As a business owner, have you sent out a mailer using that address format? It’s no wonder why such campaigns don’t have the impact they should when the first thing you tell your customer is “Yes we know your name, but anyone will do.” Just knowing their name is not enough. Any database program can do that. It's time to stop a bad tradition in traditional advertising. If you want a commitment from them, you need to show them you have a commitment to them as your current customer. Use their name only. Actually direct your message to them to plant the seed of customer loyalty.


Stand out from the competition

How many times do you go through your mail at home to sort out all of the sales messages addressed to you or current resident and instantly file them away in the trash? Do you think you’re alone? Do you give a closer inspection to the mail directly addressed to you with proper spelling? Again, do you think maybe your customers do the same thing? Unless your competitors are reading this, I can guarantee that they still use “or current resident” and will continue doing so. Are you looking for a clear point to differentiate your business from your competition in the eyes of your customer? Customers notice the details and believe me, they matter! Your commitment to your customers will set you apart from the rest.


Try it

You’ve got your response rate from your last campaign. Change one important detail of your customer’s first impression and see the impact. Make your customers feel special and in return, they’re more likely to increase their business with you. Be different from your competitors in little and big ways to keep your customers from wandering away.

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