What Is Web 2.0 And Why Should Business Care?

I referred to web 2.0 in a post in a way that may mislead people into thinking it has a different meaning. It was an off handed remark on web 2.0 sounding domain names. Clients ask for something that sounds web 2.0 with the idea that the term means fresh or what's now. That's not necessarily the case.


Web 2.0 actually refers to the way websites work. Not necessarily in the coding or techie side of things, but in how the users interact with websites. Any visitor can comment but the goal is to get customer interaction. The interaction is the key. Instead of a static webpage that just has information, a web 2.0 page allows a user to comment, discuss, and most importantly, add to the value of the page for the next user.


The ability to interact with your business's website for the fan and consumer is something you can't place a dollar value on. The reason you can't, is no two interactions are the same. Since the site is not static no two experiences are the same either, even for the same user.


By that I mean when a user comes on your site today and looks around, they'll see what has been posted by you and others up to that point. When they stop by your site tomorrow, or even an hour later, there could be fresh content. And by content I mean what you have put up, people have commented on, added to, etc.


It's that point that brings users back to your site again and again. Every time they return is an opportunity to have your message seen and possibly acted upon. Is there fresh content on your website? Why not?


Why do you want constant fresh content on your website? To always get your message in front of your market. Potential customers are not always thinking about their problems, and almost never thinking about your business.


For most businesses who actually took the leap to get on the web, they don't have constant fresh content because they pay a webmaster (per update) to update their site. Don't get me wrong, a static website is fine if you are pleased with your business being static as well.


If you're like most business owners, you want your business to grow. The beauty of an interactive website is that you can build a community (loyalty) around your brand, product, or service. These people become your advocates and an extension of your marketing department you only have to “pay” by continuing whatever your business is to please them, your customers.


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