Why you’re losing 95-97% of potential customers and the changes you need to get them back

Did you know that you have been losing so many potential customers? If your business is like 97% of other non-tech businesses, you have advertising with your website home page and/or phone number. Then your website has your phone number in multiple places with many Calls To Action (CTA's) directing visitors to call you. But it's not working. Here's why and I'll let you in on the secret only 3% know about. The one that plugs the leak that's draining away 95-97% of your potential revenue.   I realize it seems like a bold, even over the top “hypey” claim. Let's just start with what is tangible fact you can see in your own numbers. How many people visit your website in a month? Five thousand? And how many of those five thousand people called your phone? Now are you starting to see how much potential you're missing out on?   Just having a phone number in your ad, on your website, or anywhere else isn't going to cut it. The commitment level is too high and the timing is off for 95-97% of people. “I don't have time right now.” “I don't have my calendar in front of me.” “It's not during business hours.” Those are just a small sample of the many reasons people think of not to call when they see your message to “Call us.”   They genuinely think it's a great idea. They truly do believe they will get to it later. But later, as you know, just doesn't come. So what can you do to stop losing these people?

Put strong lead capture systems in place

A lead capture system is not as sinister as it sounds. A strong lead capture system allows you to identify and follow up with a prospect.   You see one of the biggest reasons why the phone number Call To Action (CTA) fails, right? Because the commitment level you're asking for is too high. So in order to get these people into your process beyond just seeing or hearing the message, you must offer a low commitment/high (perceived) value item.   I said LOW commitment. That rules out something they would need to show up to your location to claim. Experience proves a digital product works best, like a free report or video. This is called a lead magnet.   The lead magnet has to compel them to get it now. Important information to make a decision, ways to avoid costly mistakes, etc. provide value people are looking for – the answers to their questions. All you want/need is their name and email address. You only send it to their email to ensure you get a real address.   A free report is high value because they can read it immediately. It's low commitment because you're just asking for name and email. It takes a few keystrokes and they get instant gratification.

Follow up intelligently

It's not just about getting a name and an email. And I'm definitely not talking about just sending them your newsletter. Intelligent follow up is about unleashing the true power you now have, the ability to reach your prospect again and again with the right message at the right time. You now have the ability to establish Know, Like, and Trust (KL&T) with them.   You stop losing opportunities when you can nurture a prospect from “just looking” in their research phase, until they are Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) to buy from you. The information you send in your follow ups helps them fully understand their need and demonstrates why you are uniquely qualified to fill it.

Mapping out buying process

If you don't map out your process, how can you know if it works? How would you know what point people are at so you can treat them correctly? And most importantly, how would you know what part of your process needs improvement?   Mapping out your process is can be as simple as laying it on a sheet of paper. What steps will a prospect go through from awareness to purchase? Each step is critical to identify and determine what needs done to move on to the next step.

Monitoring the process

Having an established process is just a start. You need a system that tracks people throughout the process and lets you know when they are at critical points. Knowing where everybody is in your process allows you to ACCURATELY predict future revenue.   So what do you need to start getting the 95-97% of customers you're currently losing? A strong lead capture system that allows you to follow up with every prospect. You'll need a well planned and intelligent follow up series that builds your prospect up to RWA status. You also need to map out and monitor your process. And unless you want to waste a ton of time and money with trial and error on a steep learning curve, you need a professional to help you design and maintain your systems and processes.

Time to take action

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