Wishing All A Merry Christmas

What is the easiest content you can write for your business site? (I gave you a hint in the title!) Holiday related material is a drop dead simple way to create fresh content that makes sense and your audience will enjoy. Here’s three quick points to keep in mind to generate holiday content painlessly.


Tie it to your audience’s interest

You’re not making it about you. Make the post about your audience. How does the holiday relate to your business that would be of interest to them? It’s good to get some feedback by asking about this in advance. Add this question to your email broadcast message line in time to gather the info and use it.


Schedule for efficiency

You can add content into the hopper that posts automatically. Take advantage of that feature. Something that you could do is write about how something in your business worked or didn’t work because it wasn’t used. That is good for after the holiday now and then a “look back” post for the next year. You would schedule that piece to post in advance of the holiday to give your readers time to act.



Do you have to be “in the mood?”

You can write holiday pieces at any time of year. You can find inspiration for it all year round by searching on the internet. I find that pictures spark thoughts and make content generation far less a chore. You can certainly write about holidays as you get closer, nut I don’t recommend it. If you wait you can run the risk of missing that deadline.

So what if there are events that must be considered for the post? You can add them into the existing post you have or write a new one entirely. The point is having something ready to go that eases the “pressing” need to write.


I hope this has been helpful as my gift to you. Have a Merry Christmas!



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