Control Your Online Reputation
So People Who Research Your Business
Like What They See

Don't leave it up to chance how your business looks online.
Get people who had a good experience to post reviews,
while providing an exit ramp before people post bad reviews online.

Watch the video below to see the exact strategy you can use:

This is a managed service. We will:

Set up your online review portal

Direct reviews to sites where they're needed

Handle ALL of the "Techie" stuff

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Tap Into A Constant Flow Of Customers

People are searching for what you sell 24/7/365

By now you realize the power of the internet. But many business owners haven't been able to really get the kind of results they expected from it. Some are even being punished for content on the web they have no control over. I'm talking about what people post about your business on review sites.

Online Reviews Are Critical

Why should you care about online customer reviews?

This is a question many businesses have, especially local companies that don’t necessarily do any selling online. How much of a difference can online reviews actually make for your company if most of your business is conducted offline?

The truth is, they make a LOT of difference:

When people are researching a business, the first place people look is the search engine.

The more reviews you have, the more likely your business will be among the top results. That can be good or bad depending on what your star rating is.

Businesses with the most stars stand out above those who don't have any. They make the cut and get to move on to round two.

BrightLocal Annual Local Consumer Review Survey 2016

​91% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses

84% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

The next step is looking over review sites to see what others have to say about your business.

People trust what others say about your business in reviews because these are people who have done business with you. ​

You've got to make sure that what people see when they are looking you up online is good. If it's not, you can kiss that sale and any future sales you might have made to them Good Bye!

BrightLocal Annual Local Consumer Review Survey 2016

59% of consumers look at 2-3 review sites before they make a decision about a business

How many review sites have your business listed?

How many reviews do you have on those sites?

Of those, how many were positive?

BrightLocal Annual Local Consumer Review Survey 2016

73% of consumers think that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant

22% of consumers will only consider reviews written in the last 2 weeks

What percentage of your reviews are 3 months or older?

How many reviews did your business get in the last 2 weeks?

Of those, how many were positive?

Getting positive reviews hasn't been easy for many businesses, especially on a regular basis...

Until now.

What If You Got
A Bad Review Today?

The internet has put the power to destroy a business in the hand of every person who walks through the door, even if they don't pay you!

Think about that for a second. Would you be scrambling in "Damage Control" mode? Would that one review have the power to drop your rating by one or more stars?

Then you need to do something about that NOW. And I don't mean getting your employees to post reviews. That can get you deep in trouble that will take maybe tens or even hundreds of Thousands of dollars to dig out from!

The State of New York conducted a highly publicized sting operation aimed at business owners who were gaming the system. Business owners trying to post fake reviews (and service providers who would do that for them) found out the hard way that will not be tolerated. Here's what New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman had to say about it:

Eric T. Schneiderman New York State Attorney General

What we’ve found is even worse than old-fashioned false advertising. When you look at a billboard, you can tell it’s a paid advertisement — but on Yelp or Citysearch, you assume you’re reading authentic consumer opinions, making this practice (posting fake reviews) even more deceiving.

What If You Had
So Many GOOD Reviews
That Bad Review Didn't Matter?

Imagine if you had so many positive reviews (and not just on one website) that you wouldn't need to panic if you got a bad review. What would that be like for you?

You wouldn't sound (or feel) desperate and needy when you're talking with the person as you're trying to find a solution to the problem that caused them to give a bad review.

You would have the position of authority. A bad review is not normal for your business.

Having that stellar reputation can in itself be a reason for people to give a second thought on how they are judging the situation.

"Maybe I just had a bad day..."

What If You Could
Stop Bad Reviews
From Being Posted Online?

Picture this, you place a detour between someone leaving a bad review and the internet. Instead of going on the internet with a whole lot of drama, that bad review goes to your email inbox where you can actively solve the problem with the customer.

Now of course you won't be able to stop every bad review. But what if the few that slip by are the exception rather than the rule?

You would be able to:

Fix the problem

Make them happy

Get them to buy again

And perhaps most important, keep squabbles and drama out of the public view!

And what if you didn't have to imagine, but it was a reality within your reach?

Enter Review Director

Launches Your Reputation

Your reputation will soar far above your competition with many, recent, and positive reviews.

Provides An Exit Ramp

Gives hostile customers a place to vent where the problem can get solved, without the internet drama.

Targeted Review Sites

We send the reviews where they are needed most. Your reviews build up over time on a site, looking more natural.

Instant Notification

As soon as an unhappy customer engages, their message is sent directly to your phone via text and to your email allowing you to act immediately.


You can have alerts sent to the manager and the owner. Problems that can potentially sink your business can no longer be swept under the rug.

REAL Reviews

Your REAL customers post their REAL reviews without even a hint of bribery. The way it should be!

Your most valuable asset is your reputation.

As your reputation goes, so goes the health of your business. It makes sense to not only protect your reputation, but build it as strong as possible.

Review Director does that for you.

All you do is hand your customer a card with their receipt, tell them "Go here to rate us" and point to the website. That's it! The system handles the rest. From verifying how they feel about their experience, to deciding what site needs more reviews like the one they're going to leave, it all happens behind the scenes.

If they had a bad experience, the system allows them to send you an email and/or text message. It gives you the ability to take immediate action and fix the problem.

You get to watch as your reputation grows and deal with any problems before they reach the internet.

Getting Reviews With Review Director

is as easy as


Ask For a Review

Hand them a card when they purchase. If you have their email address, you can send them an email. Both methods have their advantages. We'll work with you to get the best resuts.


Gauge Their Intent

The system determines if they will leave a good or bad review by how they answer. If they're likely to post a bad review, they go to your inbox.


Send Them to the Right Review Site

Now the system gives them options based on where you need reviews and what site they have an account with. And your reputation goes up!

No Equipment or Training Required!

Unlike other systems, you don't need computer, tablet, or even an internet connection. You don't need to train your staff on some long, drawn out, and complicated process.

You don't need to collect phone numbers or email addresses from people who stare back at you blankly, give you a garbage email they never check, or even get hostile with you for "getting too personal."

Nope! You just give your customer the card with your Review Portal when you give them their receipt and that's it!

No really, it's that simple. The system handles the rest.​

No Contract Locking You In!

You decide to stay. Other companies may hold your reviews hostage because the reviews are on their site, but we don't. We have your customers post their real reviews on the review sites where people are looking.

We Know You'll Stay Because...

You'll want to continue getting positive reviews posted to sites where they are needed most.

You need current reviews for new customers to know you're still providing great service.

You want to continue keeping Bad Reviews from being posted online before you have a chance to make things right.

Take Control Of Your Reputation Today!

Get the True Image of your business in front of potential customers who are deciding to do business with you or your competitors. Don't leave your reputation or potential sales up to chance.

Normal Price $297 set up  & $97/mo-
Save 40% Off Set up & Monthly
Discount Code: RD-LAUNCH

Secure Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions:

Couldn't I just do a promotion to get reviews?

Sure but you should know what you're getting into before you make that mistake. Running a promotion might get you a bunch of reviews... all in the same short time period. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what you did.

It can actually do more harm than good. To the outsider looking in at your business, you look like you got a bunch of people to give you good reviews by bribing them. If you're lucky, let's say the person looking takes these reviews at face value. What's going through their mind as they look at the dates will likely be, "It's been a while since anyone posted a review. Is this business still good? Are they still even open?!"

Face it, getting reviews needs to be part of your standard selling process so you have a steady flow of recent reviews. Review Director makes it easy to make it happen.​

Do I really need to give a card with every transaction?

YES! If you want your car to run, you don't technically need tires. But if you want to get somewhere, tires are absolutely necessary.

We could set up your Review Director portal. And you could have your people tell the customer the website. Maybe they said it right, maybe the customer heard it right, maybe they remember the website, maybe they remember to go, maybe they go there to give a review, maybe they actually give you a good review... That's a lot of maybe's!

The cards make it simple and goof-proof to make sure they have the right web address. Plus it's a physical reminder to take action.

Bottom line: The cards drastically increase the probability of getting the review. Controlling where they go virtually* eliminates getting a bad review from them posted online.

* We can control where they go, but we can't control them... yet!

What are You Waiting For?

Get Review Director building & defending your online reputation now.

Normal Price $297 set up  & $97/mo-
Save 40% Off Set up & Monthly
Discount Code: RD-LAUNCH

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