More Traffic Does Not Equal More Profits

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The logical argument is that the more people who are exposed to your message, the more people you will have buying your product/service. Here in the real world, logic does not always apply.


Why doesn't more traffic equal more profits?

The simple answer is traffic is nothing more than people moving through your website, store, or trade show booth. You need a way to get those people to fully understand why you are the only business they should deal with. You need to give them the opportunity and desire to contact you when they are ready to buy.

What do you have in place to give them the opportunity and desire to contact you?

Most businesses have a website, a contact form, and a lot of hope. If that sounds like your marketing system let me ask, “How's that workin' for you?”


Not so good? Let me tell you why.

Even with a website that was supposed to help educate the customer, you still end up explaining so much in person or over the phone. That is time that could be better used talking to people you know are ready to buy right now.


Is your website ready for full-contact?

Have you looked at the analytics for your contact page? Now compare that to your home page. What's the difference? Conversion!

You've got to get more people to give you their information if you want to get more people to buy from you.


What's holding you back?

The problem is you have no way of getting to the people who are not quite ready to buy right now. You're relying on a lot of “if's” for your sales.


IF – They find your website.

IF – They don't “bounce”

IF – They bother to look for your contact page.

IF – They can find your contact page.

IF – Your contact page works.

IF – They got the right information tailored to them.

IF – Your sales staff follows up.

IF – Your sales staff follows up ENOUGH TIMES.

IF – They are not agitated with your sales process.


The “if's” could go on some more but I'll spare you.


How do you capture and convert?

Premium Content


You must make a compelling offer. That has to speak directly to the person looking at your site. With so many people you have visiting your site, how can you possibly target them all and speak to them directly?


Set up more than one follow up chain and guide them to it. That’s all I’ll say out here. The meat and the potatoes are inside the premium section above.


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