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Is Google Gutting Google Plus?

google plus

Google Plus Chief Vic Gundrota’s recent departure has many pondering the possibility that Google will be phasing out Google Plus. The latest news makes one pause and consider that as maybe more than baseless rumor. Is Google Gutting Google Plus?

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Traffic, Capture, Or Convert; Which Comes First?

I got an email today that said “The most valuable skill a new entrepreneur can learn is how to drive traffic.” That statement by itself might have been a start in convincing me it wasn’t just hype. The next bold statement confirmed my suspicions. Traffic, Capture, Or Convert; Which Comes First?

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Dynamic Website vs A Static Website; Why You Want To Be Dynamic

A static website was not a fad, it has just become antiquated. Yes it was the edge you needed over the competition when the internet was wide open, new, and nobody had a website. Now static sites are just clutter in the search results.   Static sites give the reader only basic information. People who […]

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How The New Google+ Local Will Impact Your Business

Recently, Google made another substantial change to their services; Google Places merged with Google+ creating the new Google+ Local pages.  In case you are not aware, Google+ is one of the newest, and fastest-growing Social Media Networking site ever. The fact that it is owned by Google explains its popularity and now they’re forcing local […]

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What Is Web 2.0 And Why Should Business Care?

I referred to web 2.0 in a post in a way that may mislead people into thinking it has a different meaning. It was an off handed remark on web 2.0 sounding domain names. Clients ask for something that sounds web 2.0 with the idea that the term means fresh or what’s now. That’s not […]

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How Do I Know My Offline Business Needs To Be Online?

This is a quick list of three points to take a close look at to determine if your business should have an online presence.   1.      Your customers ask you if you have a website The customer is the lifeblood of your business. No customer, no business. I know that’s business 101 but if you’re […]

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