Do You Believe In Magic Marketing?

There is no magic bullet in marketing for your business. That's right! I said it and I won't backpedal a single bit. There's no single thing that will bring a pack of buyers with cash in hand to your business despite what people might say to the contrary. It takes a number of solutions working together in a system to bring the results you're looking for, purchase ready customers.


A complete marketing system includes at least one way to capture visitors' information so you can follow up with them.  This capturing method is something thatmakes people want to give you their information. Have you noticed, people act differently when you serve their interests? Make it about them and what they want, and the visitor will gladly follow along where you guide them and give you what you want in return.


Conversion process

You need a way to gradually introduce yourself to the person. This is where the bonds of know, like, and trust are formed. Despite what some think or say, love at first sight is a myth. There is only a relationship when there is perceived net benefit. Let me explain.


A person could be the most beautiful specimen ever imagined. If they had a voice that was like nails on a chalk board or every time their mouth opened something stupid fell out, it would be hard for a lasting relationship to be established.


The same concept holds true with business. Just because a person likes your page or your “cover” does not mean they have fully bought you. What you say and do afterwards carries them to the next level. The conversion or follow up process is what allows you to take that time to foster a relationship with each and every person in their time.


You’re the expert

Position yourself as the expert and your business as the only logical choice.


No that doesn't mean you say “I'm the expert.” If you have to say it, it's likely not true. And besides, it just comes off as arrogant even if you are indeed an expert. No, you demonstrate your expertise and people will recognize it.



Not the techie guru behind the scenes kind of stuff. There is some of that involved but the majority is real content that people will be looking for and linking back to naturally. That is something you can't buy, won't get penalized by Google for doing, and will be an asset to your business.



Without people seeing your message, it’s the tree falling in the woods with no one around to hear it. Nobody cares and there’s no measurable impact in the scope of what matters. You absolutely need traffic. Traffic without a means to convert that traffic is a waste. Traffic looking at your website with no clear reason to choose you is moving on to the next option.

There are only two sources for traffic: free and paid. SEO will get you the “free” traffic. If you’re paying for traffic without having the other components in place, you’re throwing your money away.  Once you have a system in place, the money spent on driving traffic to your site will have a greater return.

 Premium content

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Where do you start in building content? People want their questions answered. That's a benefit you can provide that immediately builds your credibility with them. The strategy is building the system that converts.

You must capture to convert

Nothing happens until you get the contact’s information. I say “contact” because you can use your website to capture information from people reluctant to give it up in person. These people have no trust in you or your business… yet. And if you are going to get them as a customer (and you want this type of customer- if you’re a subscriber to my newsletter and want the answer, hit reply to any email I sent and ask me. If you’re not a subscriber yet, now’s a good time to subscribe and get your questions answered!), you need to get that trust.

How do you get their trust?

They need to get to know you and like you. That does not happen in a one-time meeting at a trade show or even in your store. That will take more than your “word” alone. It takes a well structured website that has the elements in place that people look for- expertise, history, social proof.


The website I build for my clients is ready to add the lead capture form. That is a system in itself with the function it provides. Any “dumb” form could capture a visitor’s information and deliver it to your inbox. This system is capable of automatically confirming that they used a real email address. Then sends them the information they requested. But it is still not finished. The visitor’s information is in your database and they continue to get follow up messages that help them move through a professionally designed marketing funnel. Once they are ready to take action (not before), their information is delivered to the sales department.

Be the expert

Being the expert doesn't mean saying “I'm an expert.” It's far more effective if you demonstrate it. If you’re in business, you have taken some steps that say “I do this better than my competition.”

You have to think that in at least one way. Otherwise, the hassles of running your own business would not be worth it.

Those differences that make it worth doing for you to provide a higher level of quality to your customer are what you want to focus on. Your experience, the experience of your staff, the history of your company, all of these things and more go into what separates you from your competitors.

These differences all speak to people who place value on them. Those people are the ones you’re looking for to build a lasting and growing business. They are the people who will stay with you and be the community of evangelists you want to grow.


This is what must be understood before you move any further. Your content is an asset. It takes an investment of time or money to make, but pays off throughout its lifetime. Your content will degrade over time but never become worthless. Even old, stale, and now irrelevant information does something for you that nothing else can – it shows you have history.

The more content you produce on a given topic, the more likely you will return high on search pages. Having more content on that topic can help you own the search page. In other words when somebody searches for a specific term you would have not just one article at or near the top of the page, but several or even the whole page!

That does not come from haphazardly writing content. You need to structure your writing with purpose. Start with the concept and shape the title around that key word or phrase. Then make sure to include that term in the article body as it fits naturally. Don’t try to “stuff” your article with your keyword or it won’t look natural to the reader. The best rule to follow – write for the reader, optimize for the search engine.


Getting all of the prior components in place will develop a level of free traffic. Paid traffic may or may not be necessary to achieve your goals. You may choose to use paid traffic at first. The thing about building content as an asset is once your site is established with regular content and gets visitor and customer interaction, the traffic will not just stop if you do. With paid traffic, when you stop paying, the traffic valve closes tight immediately.

Of course, when you’re building your content as an asset, you’re not going to stop when you see results. Yes it will take on a life of its own and will grow and become easier to maintain with interaction and fresh ideas and angles.  But like any living thing, if you stop feeding it, it will die.

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If your system is missing any of these elements, how can you expect it to work? It is like a car's engine where three elements are crucial: fuel, air, and spark. Without any one of these, the engine cannot function. With any one of these elements in more or less than the optimal balance, the engine will function poorly if at all.


In order for your marketing system to function properly, all of the elements must be present, introduced in the right order, and the right quantity. That only happens by proper design.



Rob gets you achieving results! No doubt about it!

Rob does excellent work on getting more business. He helped me out tremendously within one year and half of marketing and showing me how to write for my plumbing website, my business has increased over thirty percent.

Rob gets you achieving results! No doubt about it!

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  • Mariella Lombardi

    Reply Reply July 14, 2012

    Hi Rob,
    I like your approach to Marketing. I totally agree with you, there is no magic bullet to getting clients and making sales. It’s all about hard work, researching your customers and strategy.

    • Rob Calhoun

      Reply Reply July 14, 2012

      Thanks Mariella! I enjoyed Dana’s article on exercises for the back. Just like weight loss, there are no shortcuts but there’s an endless number of people selling the magic answers.

      I wouldn’t say hard work so much, just working in the right places and that takes having a plan.

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