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There was a commercial for taco bell in the '90's that had a chihuahua trying to capture Godzilla. That's kind of like how businesses are with Internet traffic. Except it's good that Internet traffic won't stomp you flat like a bug. It just squirts through your grasp like water though.

But think, What will you do with it if you got it?

Some companies pay for (and sometimes) actually do get awesome amounts of traffic but have nothing to show for it. Which makes them think “This whole internet thing doesn't work.” Before you make the same mistake (and even if you have) I'd like to help you get something out of that traffic.

You have to capture to convert.

If you can't capture a customer's contact information you have no way to follow up with them. The moment is gone. Even if they were truly interested, life comes at you a mile a minute and people's attention moves on to the next important thing. You have to get them into your funnel if you have any hope of reaching them and moving them toward a purchase.

You have to capture to convert.

That is one of a number of things you'll hear me say often because it can't be said enough. Frequency and repetition are key components necessary to make anything stick.

“I think I need a bigger box”

Don't think small here. You want to plan for a large amount of traffic and be able to handle it. The last thing you want to be doing when you're finally getting the heavy traffic flow you were hoping for is trying to redesign a system that is bursting at the seams.

Have a capture and conversion process in place.

I said earlier you have to capture to convert. But how do you capture visitors' information? You give them a compelling offer. You need to provide something of value to the customer to convince them to give you their information. Then you need a means to capture their information and a means to deliver what you promised them.  

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What is it they want?

Put yourself in their shoes. They have questions that you frequently get “in person” so why not answer those.

You can tailor in depth reports that target a segment of your customer base. They can choose which report that would best relate to them.

Think about how powerful that is.

When you call someone by their name you have their attention. They listen to you a bit more intently than if your speaking to a general audience.

People go by different “names”

than just their given name. Doctors, firefighters, fashionistas, smokers, are just a few of the names that people answer to.

You don't have to know that person's given name to speak to them personally in terms they can relate to. But when you use their other name, you have just as much of their attention as if you said “hey Bill…”

Use curiosity

to compel them to take your offer. A report should inform. It should be information they don't already know, or at least a different take on it. You want to be unique, to stand out, and be viewed as the expert on the matter.

What x should know about y

A report that speaks to them directly about their interests or needs will compel them to get it. “What Doctors should know about Supplements” is an example. Do you think it is important for doctors to know about supplements? They sure do! That's their livelihood, their profession. They had better know about supplements when a patient asks about it.

Make that five times more effective

How about “The 5 things every doctor should know about supplements”? People love numbers but not necessarily even numbers. Ten is the only exception to that because we have been trained with top ten lists. But you don't always get to ten. An odd number will get more attention and have more credibility in the reader's eyes than an even number. You can always say the seven things in the title and boost your standing by “over delivering” with one more.

If you haven't already, get my free report “The top ten mistakes small businesses make” and how to avoid them.

Don't get caught in a situation where you have a tiger by the tail. You want to have a process in place, not wing it. That last thing you want is to get all of the traffic and scramble around trying to figure out what to do next.

Plan ahead by cutting the paths where you want the river of traffic to flow. The initial work will be worth it when you open the flood gates with an ad campaign in any form.

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